30 April 2014

Vote of no confidence

How can something so simple get so screwed up
Some cases that reach PATAS must make the adjudicators despair. Common sense should have prevailed at an earlier stage. NSL often appear not to have any in stock. Here is an adjudicator's report from earlier in the week.

The Appellant having produced a letter from his bank the Council now, very sensibly, accepts that payment had been made. The Appeal is therefore allowed.

I would only add that in the absence of any explanation it does not give one a great deal of confidence in the reliability of the Council's evidence in such cases that the Council's system should apparently show that no payment had been received (leading to the issue of a PCN the rejection of representations, and the initial resisting of an Appeal) when in fact it had.

The adjudicator in this case has decades of experience in parking matters and is certain to remember this case when dealing with other Barnet PCN payment queries and may, in future, give the benefit of the doubt to the motorist if the payment situation is at all unclear.

Mr Mustard thinks this is a case where the council could be adjudged to have been wholly unreasonable and a costs application might succeed.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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