26 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday parking

A typical Bank Holiday walk
On most bank holidays Mr Mustard gets phone calls and tweets about where it is safe to park and he has to check, so here is his guide.

You can park for free in the London Borough of Barnet

in Car Parks
in Resident Permit bays
In Pay & Display / PayByPhone
in Business Permit Holder bays
on school zig-zags

You must avoid, as you will get a PCN, on / in

Single yellow lines during operational times
Double yellow lines (24 hours a day)
The pavement
Disabled bays
Bus lanes
"Double parking" i.e. more than 50cm from the kerb
Bus stops
Loading bays (except dual use ones where you can park during the permitted hours)
Dropped kerbs (except outside a CPZ with the permission of the resident and only then if the dropped kerb serves just the one property)

Mr Mustard hopes that you find this short guide useful.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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