18 May 2014

Phil Fletcher's letter to the Standard

Phil Fletcher, who is standing as a green party candidate in High Barnet, sent this letter to the Standard. They printed some of it so if you want the rest, here it is:

To the Editor,

For those who think the Green Party is the Party of the tree huggers, it may be a surprise that we are in favour of free parking, and rather longer than the 30 minutes proposed by some other parties.

At any rate enough time to visit several (hopefully independent) shops in peace thus supporting you local high street and not having to eventually make several trips for top-up shopping.

If our high streets die, then the alternative would be to jump into your car to the nearest shopping mall, perhaps Brent Cross, joining others stuck in a traffic jam on the way.

Or, at some time in the future, getting lost in the Spaghetti Junction, part of the latest Brent Cross plans , to be built on the intersection of Edgware Road and the A406.

Incidentally, when these plans were passed earlier this year, none of the conservative members of the planning committee had any questions!

Of course, we Greens think negative effects of motor traffic are a blight on our society.
London’s air pollution is the highest of any other European capital city. Traffic congestion makes it difficult simply to move from A to B.

A large number of car trips are under 2 miles, so any initiatives to encourage one to use alternative means of transport, such as walking or cycling are to be welcomed.

A 20 mph speed limit in residential areas would discourage rat runs.

The results would be to free up road space for those who really have to drive for perfectly valid reasons.

Kind Regards

Phil Fletcher

Phil is a familiar sight on his bicycle around High Barnet & Finchley. If Mr Mustard overtakes him in the blogger bus (a van), he usually stops and throws the bike into the back and Phil into the front, and drops him where he is going. The hills of Barnet are pretty tough.

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