10 May 2014

£16.1m Capita hardware investment - partly solved now

Mr Mustard works from home and so many neighbours have their parcels delivered to Mustard Mansions. Delivery drivers and the postman are so well acquainted with Mustard Mansions that they also go straight to Mr Mustard if a signature is needed and the intended recipient is out. So it was no surprise yesterday when, after having already delivered Mr Mustard's post (which included a PCN evidence pack of 100 pages that was in a cheap standard weight envelope that was splitting, come on NSL you could spend a few pounds on reinforced envelopes) the postman knocked 2 minutes later and Mr Mustard signed for an envelope that was post-marked Coventry. Ah, said Mr Mustard, that will be parking vouchers or a permit; I wondered, said the postman, as there are lots of them today. Perhaps Capita have now started to work through the backlog of permit applications.

Having paid Capita the substantial sum of £16.1m for investment in computer hardware the least we can expect is state of the art permit / voucher software and a same day turnaround? You would think so but Mr Mustard can reveal that the capital investment that has been made in the permit system, and he had to sneak into the Coventry office of Capita to get this exclusive photograph, is this:

The price of biros has evidently increased markedly.
Mr Mustard really did expect more for his £16.1m

Here is part of the address (mustn't breach the neighbour's data rights)

There isn't, of course, a Camarvon Rd in the London Borough of Barnet or even in the country, the road is called Carnarvon Rd. A local employee would probably have known this, a Coventry based one won't and this is part of what you lose when you deal with somewhere 100 miles away (Mr Mustard has nothing against Coventry per se but would prefer to retain local employment and knowledge).

We might be within the London Borough of Barnet and have an outer London phone number but we have an Enfield postcode and Hertfordshire is our postal county so to write London on this envelope was just plain wrong.

I can't show you the name but that had a single letter where a double was required.

So, a mere 3 errors in 4 lines. Remind Mr Mustard why Private Eye call Capita "Crapita".

Finally, Mr Mustard may not be being entirely fair. Maybe we did get more for our money than this lousy biro, 

maybe we got 2.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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