12 September 2013

Why can't a permit be issued in 90 minutes?

Mr Mustard simply doesn't understand why, when the council is paid to supply a vehicle permit, it can't get it out on the same day like the DVLA do with his road fund licences. On the DVLA website it takes about 90 seconds and Mr Mustard thinks that 90 minutes should be long enough for any permit to be issued. How long can it take in Barnet? it seems that 90 days is not unheard of. Here is what the independent adjudicator at PATAS had to say:

The local authority has not replied to my preliminary observations of 14th August 2013. (this strikes Mr Mustard as rude behaviour)

I draw the inference that the local authority has no submissions to make upon the adjournment point: that there must be some doubt as to the legitimacy of this enforcement when the local authority has conceded that it had not provided the Appellant with his replacement permit - nearly three months after he had paid for it.

In my view to enforce a Penalty Charge in such circumstances is an abuse of process and I find that, in these circumstances, the penalty due is nil.

So the parking ticket was issued in circumstances where a resident had been waiting for 3 months for a permit from the very same council and they see fit to send his debt off for registration at Court - the Traffic Enforcement Centre - next stop, your local unfriendly bailiff. Mr Mustard knows this to be the case from the register as there is reference to the referral date.

Not only that but the council knows full well that PCNs dated 2 May 2012, like this one, have the wrong wording and really should not be pursued.

There really does need to be some sort of external ongoing audit mechanism which nips this sort of abusive behaviour in the bud as the lure of the extra income seems too hard for the council to resist when left to their own devices.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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