5 September 2013

28 billion coins worthless in Barnet's car parks

coins might as well be collectors' items in Barnet
Sometimes you hear that there isn't a demand for some product or service and so it is not offered.

Here in Barnet we are not offered the most convenient method of paying by coin of the realm, you have to find a shop to buy a permit or a paypoint outlet. In that time you are at grave risk of getting a parking ticket.

It isn't as if there is a shortage of coin in the UK, per the Royal Mint there are 28 billion coins in circulation, so the method of payment is not hard to find. It is simply that the council don't want us to use it.

Yesterday the debit/credit card meter in the Moxon St, High Barnet car park was fixed. The cause of the problem was coins inserted into the card reader. Now that shows you how desperate people are to pay by cash and how hard it is for the man in the street to believe that a parking meter doesn't take cash.

What a pity that the council don't want to listen to the public or provide a service for which there is self-evidently unfulfilled demand.

One day, cash meters will return as will shoppers.

Update; A twitter follower suggested that Mr Mustard was being optimistic about the return of cash parking meters. Perhaps, but next May lots of councillors want to be re-elected or newly elected. This decision was taken by the Conservative majority. Every time one of their councillors or would be councillors comes knocking on your door asking for your vote, say yes of course, if you bring cash parking meters back (and then vote for who you like!).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. high Street is dying with internet shopping and Barnet Council is further killing of the High Street the Truth is the only legal tender in the UK is Coin of the Realm
    They seem to want you to fail and charge you a PCN SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DON’T ABOUT THIS T he


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