5 September 2013

Barnet Council give motorist a £110 haircut

you might as well speak Chinese to Barnet Council
Some readers will have read in the Harrow Times about a parking ticket given to the wife of a terminally ill 78 year old gentleman. 

Could this happen in Barnet? probably. They do have history of a similar lack of empathy or consideration towards the elderly. Here is a case from April which went to PATAS.

Having heard the Appellant in person in some detail, and having read the letter he produces from the 90 year old lady in question I entirely accept his evidence that he pulled off the carriageway briefly to collect her from the hairdressers as she cannot walk far. Parking a vehicle other than on the carriageway is unlawful throughout London (save at those locations where the Local Authority has exercised its powers to permit it and signed the exemption accordingly) . There is no exemption for disabled badge holders or for the picking up and setting down of passengers. The vehicle was in contravention and I am unable to say the PCN was issued other than lawfully.

That said, this is a case where the mitigation is substantial. The Appellant needed to park close to the location for the benefit of this lady and the road in question was a busy one. The footway is clearly wide at this point and there is no evidence of actual obstruction. This is a case where the Council should exercise discretion and I strongly urge it to do so.

What did the council do? : Recommendation rejected.

Next time the nice man who takes the old lady to the hairdressers will block the road because he can't afford to pay more for being kind (£110) than the old lady will have paid to get her hair done. Mr Mustard hopes that she can walk the extra distance and this parking ticket doesn't lead to her deciding not to go out and adding to social isolation.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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