9 September 2013

Double trouble with percentages

First off we had the council issuing a press release that 99% of libraries now have free wifi (which isn't really anything to boast about in 2013 in any case). The only trouble is that one library doesn't have it and so only 13 out of 14 libraries have email which equates to 93% and to think that Robert Rams is allowed to take part in big decisions which affect us all is quite worrying. It isn't as if he shows any sign of being bothered about accuracy "I'm happy with it". Will voters be equally happy with him in May 2014? we'll see.

sorry this is somewhat out of focus
and now I see from twitter that Robert has been out today and seen the new blue wheelie bins being delivered. Mr Mustard thinks that the council have not readied themselves for the storm of protest they are about to receive when people actually try and find a home for this third 240 litre bin.

Here is some blurb about it on the council website. So you already have a green bin and a black bin, both of which are 240 litres in size. Your green bin has been halved in usefulness as it will only be collected every other week from October.

Now the council say that more than 30% of the typical bin is food waste (not at Mustard Mansions - probably only 1% and he doesn't believe this statistic anyway) and so they have spent loads of our money on new food waste bins and a collection service (careful buying and cookery classes might be more useful) and of course this new food bin will be the correct size, won't it? Let's see:

240 litres * 30% food = a 72 litre sized bin is needed.

Food Bin being supplied is 23 litres.

What is the point? or is some officer also unable to work out percentages?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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