5 March 2013

The trolley dash - May Gurney style

head of oppo removed to protect the guilty

Have May Gurney decided to cut out the middleman between the supermarket (that looks like a Waitrose trolley, I do hope it hasn't been stolen, Waitrose don't sell their trolleys do they?) and our recycling?

The whole point of residents separating the items into different boxes is to speed up the sorting at the kerbside. This operative has decided to amend the system and tips the contents of numerous blue and black boxes into the Waitrose trolley (some of it is bound to end up on the road) and then push that to the lorry (a further photograph was taken which shows this). 

If that is a better system then May Gurney should introduce it with proper wheeled containers for their oppos to use and not beg, borrow or steal a Waitrose trolley. Recently the local branch purchased a large batch of trolleys at great expense. Within the month half of them had gone walkabout. We all pay for that loss on the cost of our shopping (whichever supermarket you shop at as all suffer trolley abuse to one degree or another).

Loose trolleys are also prone to running into cars and causing damage.

Is anyone at Barnet Council monitoring May Gurney? or are they being left to self monitor in One Barnet fashion which doesn't work. That leads to maverick behaviour.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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