21 March 2013

Judicial Review - NSCSO

The Royal Courts of Justice

Apologies for the lack of recent blog posts but Mr Mustard has been sat in Court for 2 days and a final day (for now, as we have the Brian Coleman alleged assault hearing to come on 3 May and the Parking Judicial Review on 2 July and then possibly the Susan Sullivan JR) beckons.

You can follow the proceedings on twitter by searching for the hashtag #barnetjr. Kick off is at 10.30 and it will be all over at 16.30 and hopefully earlier.

Judge Underhill is both excellent and difficult to read, he teases his audience with occasional insights into his thinking but of course the view he posits may be changed by robust argument and 2 fine QCs are battling it. Judgment will be reserved i.e. made later, and doubtless this is because it is going to be a long and carefully thought out document (the last judgment read by Mr Mustard, #daftarrest, ran to 87 pages). It is going to contain guidance about what sort of consultations should be done by local authorities in future. Barnet Council did not consult residents about whether they wanted their services to be delivered by an external conglomerate like Capita or BT and that may have been because it was an answer they didn't want to hear.

Anyway Mr Mustard must go now and look in the wardrobe to see what eye catching shirt will cause La Bloggeuse to wear her sunglasses in Court (we won't compare you to Councillor Colonel Gaddafi La B as that would be truly unkind) because of the glare.

A quick by-the-by. If you live in a CPZ zone (apart from zone C, the home of Mr Mustard) and there are any timeplates which say on them "Resident Permit Holders only" or "Permit Holders only" and there are no times displayed please can you email a photograph to mrmustard@zoho.com and tell him the road name. This is only likely to be the case in the zones which have been established for many years. The reason will become clear next week. If you get a parking ticket under such a sign do let Mr Mustard know as he will be able to assist.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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