15 March 2013

"Barnet Council's policies not perfect" - official

Mr Mustard was surprised by the first letter that he read in the Barnet Times this morning extolling the virtues of the One Barnet programme about which 90+% of Barnet's residents are largely unaware and which to Mr Mustard's eye read like prose that a certain Richard Cornelius might have written (or had written for him more likely as Richard is too busy to write himself - you owe Mr Mustard a few replies from 2012 don't you Richard?):

Who is this resident who knows so much thought Mr Mustard and so off to google he went and then the picture became clear. The linked-in profile of the writer contained the following:

so now we know that the letter wasn't from some random well-informed resident but from one of Richard's supporters. What will the reward be for this sucking up?

Then when Mr Mustard read on he became a little confused. The writer is happy to privatise Barnet Council's services but not those of the NHS

Oh dear, all credibility gone out of the window. Rewrite that last paragraph and substitute "Barnet Council" for "NHS" and it is easy to agree with it.

Finally: Mr Mustard's advice. If you don't want to read about yourself on a blog, don't put yourself into the public eye and fail to declare your interest. Had the political membership been mentioned Mr Mustard would not have carried out any research and the name Nneka would not be on his blog today.

Things must be pretty desperate if letters have to be planted in the local paper.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. I smell desperation in the air Mr M!

  2. Indeed Mr R, so do I. You would add least think they would publish as "name and address supplied" or use a nom-de-plume such as Mrs Rhubarb. (I do believe you mentioned crumble in one of your tweets)


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