9 March 2013

FOI, Social & PCN club - 11 March 7pm

Mr Mustard likes beer,
he likes the Antic Bohemia
he likes eccentric socialists (in fact any sort of eccentric)
he likes Barnet's soi-disant exiled Americans (were they thrown out he wonders?)
he likes a cafe owner
he likes FOI
he likes fighting parking tickets
he likes to be sociable

and so he will sit down in the Antic Bohemia on Monday 11 March at 7pm instead of listening to Hugh Rayner charge through the Business & Management Overview & Scrutiny business with more of a concern about keeping to his own timetable than making sure that enough time is devoted to the business to perform effective scrutiny.

Mr Mustard would be delighted if you would join him.

It is quite informal. Mr Mustard has quite a bit of news about FOI for those that want to discuss that and another group may want to discuss the merits of the wine list which is well worth sampling or any of the wide range of beers on offer. (Mr Mustard will get the bus or tube home).

If you have a parking ticket problem, bring your paperwork along to be scrutinised in fine detail. If that is done the parking ticket probably won't be up to the challenge.

If you just want to soak up the atmosphere of being with eccentric individuals and discuss the rights and wrongs of the world, explain the off-side rule to Mrs Angry or talk about books, theatre or film or anything you like, do please come along. If you don't have time for dinner at home before coming along the Bohemia do food, Mr Mustard sampled the crumble last time out - it was great.

The Antic Bohemia is situated at 762-764 High Rd, Tally Ho, London, N12 9QH which is right across the road from that well known Café Buzz

a good place for breakfast at any time of day.

Until Monday then.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Hi, is this still going ahead tonight, bearing in mind the cold?

  2. I expect that it will be warm in the pub which sells food and hot drinks. If we get snowed in Mr Mustard won't complain.


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