27 March 2013

Lost cat?

An unusual post from Mr Mustard this morning. Yesterday coming home from the school run, his neighbour, obviously a cat lover, was unable to walk past this cat, which seemed to be lost, shivering cold and hungry. Did she take it home? No, because she has a cat already and so she took it to Mr Mustard (ta very much) who often feeds cats for neighbours who are away and doesn't have one himself.

The cat is in good condition, the coat is shiny, the cat is less hungry than it was now that it has had 3 square meals and water and purrs away happily. So would you if you had spent the night in the warm, safe and dry. 

Mr Mustard is not in the market for a cat so it will have to go to the RSPCA at Southridge tomorrow (they are closed today) if no-one comes forward in response to local enquiries, posters, twitter and this blog.

The cat is likely to live in Salisbury Rd, Carnarvon Rd, Stafford Rd, Alston Rd, Falkland Rd, Puller Rd, Sebright Rd (someone else in that road was recently feeding it according to a lady who saw the poster outside) Calvert Rd or Wentworth Avenue. If you know the owner, who must be worried, please telephone 020 8441 8640.

Yours gratefully

Mr Mustard


  1. it's probably the sort of cat who gets three square meals at several houses in the area: cats are crafty & very good at pretending they have not been fed: ours sometimes gets three dinners this way ... why not keep it a bit longer, Mr M?

  2. Yes, the vet's cat McTavish, a huge ginger tom (now sadly no longer with us) who lived opposite me, did use to call daily for a fuss and food (probably only the latter) and then went missing. After a week the vet put a sign out with a photo and people kept stopping and getting out their mobile phones and saying oh, is it this cat here of which I have a photo on my rug, sofa, bed, lap etc?

    I can't provide a service for every lost soul Mrs A. I don't want poor Brian coming round now he doesn't know where his next free meal is coming from.

  3. I know what you mean: frankly I have had enough of him sleeping on my sofa and demanding three course meals every two hours. Last night he woke me up, complaining there was a smell of coffee coming from the kitchen too. Still, these are hard times, and we must show our compassion for those in need. Perhaps you could take him to the RSPCA for rehousing as well?

  4. This pretty cat with no name will soon find a new home but I have to say that I don't think that a cat called Brian would be snapped up by a new party so easily especially when it has a history of showing tooth and claw.


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