10 October 2012

Londonist guest bloggette

Mr Mustard is very grateful to the comprehensive site about London, Londonist, for their permission to reproduce the above drawing of how London could be divided up and the introductory paragraph, viz:

London’s boroughs, it seems to us, are all wrong.

It isn’t their abilities to empty bins, tarmac roads or stage amusing performing arts festivals that bother us (at least, not on this occasion).

No, the problem is their size.

You can read the rest of the thought provoking article here, on this link  'full article on Londonist' 

Mr Mustard is also grateful to the friend who brought this to his attention and thought that the  region containing Barnet should be called Barr-enf-ey but Mr Mustard, being Mr Mustard, had his own idea and though it should be called BEn-Har (please don't write in and complain about the bad jokes). Mr Mustard also thought, and this was last week when the news of non-stick not sticking it out at Barnet and then going to Haringey would put him in number 1 spot for the job of the CEO of a triple sized borough.

That was of course before the people of Haringey, pretty fleet of foot down there, started a petition protesting about the appointment of non-stick which has to be confirmed by full council on 16 October. This is the link to the petition.

Mr Mustard has never heard of such a petition ever being started and he is not going to sign it because he does not live in Haringey (although he did in about 1978) and he rather thinks that Barnet would be improved by a better Chief Executive. Mr Mustard wonders if non-stick has actually handed in his written resignation and as arrangements have already been made to cover his work the idea of his going is pretty certain. Even if he hasn't actually signed a resignation letter no person of honour could stay now as they have signalled their intention to leave and so must leave if they are to have any credibility at all.

In case anyone is interested there are quite a few vacancies on Iona coming up.

Finally, would bloggers of Haringey please look through all the Barnet links on this site and get in touch if you want to know anything.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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