4 October 2012

Delegated management

This is pure Barnet. So managers are paid to manage and yet they expect their underlings to ask for the mid-year review which the managers are measured on.

A great image above, inflicted on staff as a screensaver. So in the mirror "Where are we going?" a very good question, well ignoring the fact that it is in the mirror behind you and so you have missed your turning, we are going to the planet of One Barnet via a completely empty road with empty headed councillors in the back seat. We seem to be going up the middle of the road which certainly doesn't describe Barnet, the car (no driver, or at least not one with his/her hands on the wheel, maybe there is a consultant in the background somewhere) should be lurching to the right. Lovely smooth tarmac, it must be the road to the home of councillors Cornelius or is it the imaginary road to Robert Ram's imaginary library? You decide.

Interesting language on the gantry. Surely "must be completed" would be better, using the imperative but perhaps nobody cares. Did anybody care last year?

Mid year reviews were reported on in Q3 of 2011/12.

Department Achieved Required Success
Commercial 126 129 98%
Deputy Chief Exec 295 308 96%
EPR 769 825 93%
Chief Exec 217 236 92%
Children's 644 725 89%
Corporate Governance 62 71 87%
Adults 354 423 84%
Totals 2,467 2,717 91%

Not completed

So that was 250 employees left drifting along not knowing if they were performing properly or not.

Let's see if the management do better this year. By the way managers, you should drive the process, set time aside and book all of your employees in, chuck that One Barnet theoretical nonsense out of the window and look after your people.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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