5 October 2012

The Friday Serious (& joke)

Mr Mustard's alter ego is not only a debt collector, he is also a property developer (that sounds a bit over-stated as he only develops one house at a time and tries to return them to a more original state by adding things like wooden sash windows - actually he might call himself a Property Improver from now on - don't use the shorthand version of PImp!). He is just moving towards exchange on his current project so he now wants to buy another run down house in Chipping Barnet to improve - probate sales especially welcome. He agrees a price and then moves quickly, no waiting around for surveys as he relies on his own judgment.

The current project was owned by a widow who had the misfortune to be introduced to a roofer who her son's girlfriend found down the pub (this is the story he has been told by a neighbour in the know) as they were cheaper. The roofer stripped the roof, threw the old concrete tiles and battens into the loft space, got the old widow to pay him for the job (she probably wasn't up for climbing ladders to check) and then buggered off leaving the roof uncovered. A completely b'stard way of going on. The old widow had to find new roofers in a hurry and pay a second time for the same job.

@MPSBarnet (good to follow) are tweeting today on this horrible type of crime

and in other news, Nick Walkley is leaving Barnet Council

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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