2 August 2011

Secret video of Cabinet Resources Committee 28 July 2011

Although the Barnet Bugle was sat next to Mr Mustard and spotted the trusty tape recorder on the chair he didn't spot the secret camera and now Mr Mustard can reveal what happened during those 22 minutes when many important decisions were taken.

Of course prior to the meeting every councillor had throughly read all 72 pages of the report pack and prepared searching questions for the meeting or maybe Mr Mustard, who did print out and read the entire pack, is just having a laugh.

Mr Mustard has spent much of the last 3 days on his motorcycle which allows for some thinking time.
Mr Mustard spends a lot of time thinking about Barnet council, and consequently crying into his beer, suddenly had a vision of what the councillors who sit on that committee resemble. 

So here is the video which has been condensed to 5 seconds as all 22 minutes were similar

Look Mrs Angry, biscuits, luckily no-one told Cllr Evangeli.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Barnet Bugle sat next to who? Are we married now, Mr Mustard, and have you taken my name, in tribute? Or have you just become very cross?

  2. The Mr Mustard in the first line formerly said Mr Angry for those who wonder what Mrs Angry is on about.

    My aspiration to write just half as well as you Mrs Angry caused me to forget what I was doing and you are already a married lady in case you had forgotten. I am also still exhausted from yesterday's track day and evidently not quite with it. I am very cross though as well.

    Pleased you read these posts carefully. More than councillors do with their reports.

  3. You're right, I had forgotten: how did that happen? Dear dear. Don't worry,no one is likely to challenge you to a duel.

    I think you had better stop spending so much time in leather revving up your engine, and more time preparing your posts, like a good blogger. Tut tut.


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