12 August 2011

The One Barnet Framework - #9 - Financial benefits from phase 1 projects

Now we are getting to the meat of this framework ( although Mr Mustard is vegetarian he has been looking forward to the meat course - he is happy to cook it for others ) with the supposed financial benefits.

Look at the caption " It is essential ... " I am sure it is but unfortunately what we have is a busload of consultants billing a shedload of money every day and they will be off over the hills when the money runs out as soon as the project fails.

Now these figures are very interesting. In the first 3 years the programme costs £9,200,000 and is supposed to deliver savings of £17,860,200 

Crunch year is 2012/13 as that is when breakeven arrives. Sadly Mr Mustard does not think that breakeven will ever arrive as the project will be ditched along with most of the senior management by then. 

By some magic the savings will just keep rolling in during the next 2 years with no costs. The words "pie in the sky" occur to Mr Mustard. He is also worried when the benefit for 2014/15 is calculated to the nearest £70 in £14 million - give us a break. What will happen in 2014/15 can only be guessed at to the nearest million and even that will be a few million out.

Mr Mustard would rather like to see an exact breakdown of the benefit figures for each of the years but knows that a Freedom of Information request for that would cost more than the £450 limit ( 18 hours at £25 ) as Barnet council simply can't answer simple questions. Even Mr Mustard's one line questions take 20 days to answer so there is no hope for getting any detail.

If it was that easy to turn £9m into £45m it would have been done by now.

Here is a pretty chart without any figures. look the benefits of One Barnet just keep climbing every year. How realistic is that. No explanation as to what RIO is - the place where all consultants will go on holiday with their ill-gotten gains?  If you know don't keep it to yourself. Actually Mr Mustard hazards the guess that it is the Rapid Improvement O..........

What was the point in this 9 year chart which is just the same as the 5 year chart for the first 5 years. Savings in years 6 to 9 are just pie in the sky.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. RIO = Revenue Income Optimisation. Also known as increasing fees and charges and applying charges where there were none previously. Or perhaps could it could be all those consultants telling Barnet council the areas with which they already know could make more money, how to make more money...


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