19 August 2011

The first report on the performance of the Deputy Chief Executive

You enjoyed the end of term report so much that Mr Mustard has obtained the first ever report for you. Mr Traversty came to the school council in April 2010 and this first report covers the period of July to September 2010 so black hole, as his school mates cruelly call him, has had time to settle in. 

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Lucky not to get expelled with a start like this.

What are the high lowlights?

Industrial relations are strained. 

The Civica conversion of the council tax data is 6 months late. 6 months! Was someone asleep?

Management will need to determine what is an acceptable compromise on the conversion accuracy for Civica. Mr Mustard would have said 100% - a pity that the Council didn't.

Human Resources had 5 new employee relations cases in 3 months. What, in Human Resources! and out of 82 employees? Mr Mustard remembers the Morecambe and Wise mantra - What do you think of the show so far ? Rubbish

Only 80% of the staff in Finance are permanent. Is any department running at full strength with real employees?

Terrible risk profile. So SAP HR and SAP Finance don't talk to each other. Evidently no-one knows what staff are employed. Mr Mustard wonders how many payroll overpayments there have been recently. Mr Mustard thinks that he might just have to put in a Freedom of Information request unless the information happens to leak out in his direction first ( mrmustard@zoho.com )

Mr Mustard is thinking of printing the end of term report of the Head Boy next. 

Is there any demand ? Do readers have enough red ink left in their printers?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Oh dear, Mr Mustard ... bring back the birch, I say. I hear some of the Tory masters are in full agreement, and some rather more keen than others. Failing that, I am afraid that the only course of action, for the good of the school, is permanent exclusion.


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