11 August 2011

The One Barnet Framework - #7 - Outcomes, enablers & benefits.

Mr Mustard can see the value in involving citizens in service design but not in service delivery ( the reason why we pay council tax ). The difficulty comes in choosing the right sub-set from the 300,000 residents. When you do get a good resident, like Mrs Angry, she mysteriously falls off the panel. Back on page 8 of this report you ask residents to "Hold us accountable" - you can't take it Barnet.

Tools to enable residents to do more for themselves. The experiment to have local grit bin keepers  does not appear to have been a runaway success. If this is to work there has to be a quid pro quo for residents such as a council tax discount or it is inequitable. Why would residents want to work for nothing when 63 part time councillors get £1.2m between them ?

Customer insight - who would design a service that wasn't based on residents' needs ? or whose decisions were not based on intelligence ( i.e. facts ).

Culture - The culture that Mr Mustard has experienced is of a siege mentality at North London Business Park. The customer is seen as a nuisance. A blog will arrive about this in about 2 weeks time. How a 30 second question became a dozen emails and still no answer.

Workforce strategy - is to transfer out 70% of jobs under TUPE and new employers will inevitably squeeze terms of employment. Barnet Council does not currently look like the sort of employer that a good employee will be rushing to join.

Information management - Mr Mustard heard at the audit committee in June that unencrypted laptops had been taken out of the building and also paperwork which should not have been.

Compatible systems - Mr Mustard does hope that these will not be based on SAP.

Data sharing - Once data goes out of the building you lose any control over it Barnet Council. 

What is there to say about this chart?

Does it really say anything that a council tax payer can understand?

example : "Council focused on its core role." Now what is that, the document does not say? Is it to produce a 25 page Framework document of largely unintelligible management speak or is to to provide basic services at a reasonable price? 

If anyone can explain this chart to Mr Mustard then please send him an email which he can add to the blog in explanation.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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