10 August 2011

The One Barnet Framework - #4 - A one public sector approach

We are up to page 20 out of 27 so not too much more bunkum to flow through.

Democratic accountability - it would seem that the person who wrote this report hasn't tried to ask a question at a Residents' forum or speak at the Cabinet Resources Committee ( difficult question on Hendon FC - the computer says no ).

Partners will work with the Council to create truly profitable services, with profit at their heart.

Residents do want good efficient services but not from faceless multinationals like BT, Capita, Serco, anyone with an overseas call-centre, etc

A sharp reader has already pointed out that the budget is about £900m not £847m
True. One Barnet is not fundamentally about budget cuts. It has led to fat fees for consultants.

Rubbish. Citizens wanted the same old boring services.

Now Mr Mustard has looked at the funding from government on the Communities website. It seems to reduce by only 3% p.a. and there is no firm guide to year 4. At least Mr Eric Pickles MP is also giving councils some handy hints as to how tell of surplus assets and reduce waste.

Better services for less money. Premier cru for the price of plonk - oh come on, be realistic.

Yours frugally
Mr Mustard

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