31 January 2017

Yellow Box Junctions - 50 years old this year

Some things have been around for longer than you think, box junctions since before the not young Mr Mustard passed his motorcycle test in the 1970's.

The above historic footage shows us perfectly how to approach a box junction and of course, back in 1957, there wasn't all that much traffic on the road.

Fast forward to today and the delightfully named Bob Christmas, a driving instructor, gives us some perfect demonstrations of how to drive and deal with yellow box junctions (he was in Boston, Lincolnshire at the time, traffic does get quite heavy in the part of town).

Just don't let yourself drift into the box whilst not really paying attention. Look ahead, think & act accordingly, you are meant to be driving which involves taking decisions.

Think of the leading edge of the box as a stop line. Just stop and wait for the box to clear. Do not worry about the people behind you as they won't pay the £130 penalty charge that you receive in the post. You will have to pay it. 

More often than not Mr Mustard will have to tell you to pay up and not fight. Best avoid that problem by stopping and making sure your exit is clear before proceeding.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. There is a compelling case to include actual obstruction in the YBJ legislation, and a minimum stopped period before enforcement can commence. London councils are dining out on YBJ penalty income, and some of the YBJs are deliberate traps

  2. My view is that if you don't actually stop the traffic coming across your path, then there should not be a PCN. The yellow box should be reduced to a core size which is much smaller and only as big as necessary to ensure free flow of traffic.


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