9 January 2017

Staff ask councillors to hand over the reins

Here you go, moving traffic contraventions only started recently and are a real money spiiner with 5000 PCN being issued each month. Not enough clearly to satisfy officers (staff) as they want councillors to hand over the power to them to enforce outside every single school and every single junction in the borough. Best pull the duvet over your head and never get into your car again as the least mistake will be punished by a £130 PCN.

Will councillors dare to vote against this on Wednesday?

Have they even read the papers?

Do they care?

Barnet has gone from being a borough with a benign enforcement regime in which traffic did generally move pretty well to one which will be very near the top of the income charts for moving traffic contraventions and the traffic won't be any better, in fact if they follow Mr Mustard's advice, it will be much worse at yellow box junctions as everyone waits for the junction to be clear before they move.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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