1 February 2017

The chronicles of Westminster

Sometimes PCN just take a long time to sort out, especially when faced with intransigence from an enforcement authority, combined with a refusal on their part to accept they have done anything wrong. In this case they had omitted the house name for a rural location out of the address, and there weren't street numbers, and as the client lives on the edge of a wood and the Royal Mail often delivered his mail next door and they don't 'get on', mail often doesn't reach its destination.

What was especially naughty was when the client paid £120 in error, at a time that only £80 was due, was that Worstminster decided they would stop the process at that point. Dishonest is not too strong a word.

Equally naughty was to send a fresh Notice to Owner before the refund had been processed. The Notice demanded £80 at a time when the client was £120 in credit.

Had it not been for Mr Mustard the motorist would never have sorted this one out on his own.

Finally, it was cynical to reject Representations and then decline to attend an Appeal. Worstminster wasted a £30 tribunal fee for that little piece of bluffery (Mr Mustard makes a tribunal Appeal in 99% percent of cases for which he has the opportunity).

Mr Mustard does not give up once he gets his teeth into something. Enforcement authorities take note.

Don't think either City of Westminster that Mr Mustard didn't notice that you let NSL reply to complaints. When they are about what they are doing, you should be looking at them in house.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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