25 March 2015

Barnet Council not weaned themselves off PCN yet

Here is an FOI response (not Mr Mustard's question) which it isn't clear has been reported after removing the about 3,000 PCN a year issued to foreign registered vehicles (hardly a huge problem in which case).

What Mr Mustard finds interesting is that he was told that the annual PCN count had dropped from about 165,000 to 130,000 which clearly it hasn't.

Revenue raising is still alive and well in Barnet.

The number of PCN challenged at 46,324 is shockingly low as it is only 30% of the total and it needs to be double or treble that in order to bring the system grinding to a halt. Remember that you shouldn't give in at the first rebuff, you get 3 chances to challenge (for a PCN placed on your vehicle; 2 otherwise)

Mr Mustard will just have to give more talks. If you have a group that wants to know more about PCN please do invite Mr Mustard along for a free talk which could save you £110 each.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Why do you consider the number of challenges “shockingly low”? Have you not considered the possibility that the majority of PCNs are, in fact, issued correctly?

    Encouraging people to make appeals simply “in order to bring the system grinding to a halt” is an incitement to anarchy.


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