13 March 2015

How to get things done, or not?

Mr Mustard has long thought that 63 councillors is way too many (he would settle for one good councillor in his own ward and not have a choice of 3 he could approach but where two leave all the heavy lifting to the third) and now having seen a council dataset for the membership of the various committees he thinks there must also be too many of those as well. Surely a committee of 5 people would contain enough brain power to decide upon an issue? Feel free to shoot Mr Mustard down in flames if that is a completely ridiculous suggestion - that is what the comments box is for.

Labour councillors are also the possessor of degrees, one of them has three, and she can sing, but they don't feel the need to tell us and having one doesn't necessarily make you any better at council work.

The council's various datasets are available here.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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