21 March 2015

A Brent blunder

A lady has just received a Notice to Owner for a PCN she was supposedly issued with at 09:26 on 12 February 2015. The PCN was not found on the car. Mr Mustard wonders if this is because the traffic warden realised his/her error and hot footed it but didn't cancel the PCN due to operator error as there is a Key Performance Indicator for this?

The restrictions in this zone in Lydford Rd are really odd as MA is a cpz from 10am to 3pm and MW from 8am to 6.30pm but of course a marked out bay can be completely different to cpz hours which set the rules purely for otherwise unsigned single yellow lines (although usually the bays will be for the same hours).

Brent accept Ringo payments - why isn't that showing on the sign? The traffic warden checked location 5074 (not on the sign, the number must be on the meter). Is is a data protection breach for the council to exhibit a photograph of the screen shot of registration numbers of five vehicles which had paid for parking at that location? (four of them probably for the previous day as all their sessions ended at 10am).

Interestingly, if you put 5074 into Ringo it comes up as Mapesbury Rd which is the name of the cpz zone. You would need to know that fact as a visitor or you might thing Ringo had got it wrong. Mr Mustard has just tried, at 22:25 on Saturday to pay for 15 minutes parking. Ringo has asked him for 20p and said his session will end at 10:15 on 23 March so it automatically assumes the 15 minutes that you want are the next payable 15 minutes rather than the current 15 minutes. At the bottom of the screen it says "Pay for parking to start now" which clearly it doesn't. Mr Mustard is about to hit the "back" key especially as the default vehicle is an old one.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. A CEO fiddle here no doubt. There are a number of fiddles going on in London, but until the Press take an interest, nothing much will happen. One big one is towing, I am convinced the tow companies are paid per tow so there is a clear incentive to tow as much as possible. But only a lowly-paid CEO can authorise tows. Bungs getting handed out, maybe ?


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