18 March 2015

Haringey Council - grasping to the end

Eric Pickles has pushed for motorists to be given 10 minutes grace when their parking ticket expires as reported by the BBC on 6 March 15.

Have they listened in Haringey or are they determined to extract the last pound (actually £80 in this case) from a motorist who paid for 84 minutes of parking and was back at his car ready to leave 5 minutes after the paid for parking expired? The motorist's guess about the time he needed wasn't wildly out and Mr Mustard agrees with the 10 minutes grace period.

Here is the answer, in a letter dated 12 March 15.

This is a prime example of how nit picky council's are in order to revenue raise. Given the imminent change in the law local council's should adjust their policies now to cancel any PCNs that are challenged on the 10 minutes of grace basis.

Clearly as the PCN was issued at 15:51 the PCN was all pre-prepared in the handheld equipment of the traffic warden in order to spit out a PCN when the second hand ticked round to 5 minutes and 0 seconds.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Haringey are clearly a founder member of the V & R Club, V&R ? Venal and Rapacious.


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