5 January 2015

Safer parking near Copthall Stadium (Saracens) - no risk of a PCN

Dear Mr Mustard

We see recently that you have taken interest in the plight of the visitors to Saracens Rugby Club. My wife and I co-founded and manage the website ParkOnMyDrive.com

It is a much used website especially around Wembley and Twickenham Stadiums. Local residents actually look forward to matchdays and develop a relationship and rapport with supporters and visitors who consequently are not driving around looking for spaces to squeeze into.

We do have spaces around the Saracens ground and have tried to encourage Saracens to work with us to reach more of the local residents and supporters/visitors. Already having spaces around the ground (in fact all around the UK) we are not looking just for advertising but more awareness of the possible use of the site to alleviate the existing parking problems.

Best regards

Ken and Heidi

Mr Mustard is pleased to let you know about this useful service.

Owners of empty drives within a mile of the ground can make some money (do please put the income on your tax return)

Visitors to the ground can avoid getting PCN (which the council's NSL traffic wardens love dishing out by the hundred on match days).

If you live, work or have charity matters within the Event Day CPZ zone you should apply for a permit or three (depends how many vehicles you have) and for visitor vouchers which will be paid for by Saracens as part of their contractual arrangements for the use of the stadium.

For the benefit of all residents who might stray into the zone one weekend and miss the CPZ entry signs, these are the match dates (as at now) copied from the Saracens website although only home fixtures (Saracens name is first for home games). The ever changing date will appear on CPZ entry signs, do look out for them.

Why not print this blog post out (use the print/pdf link below) and keep it in your glove box.

Please also tell any friends who might be affected

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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