8 January 2015

PCN Flowchart

Parking tickets are complicated. Mr Mustard thought he would draw up a simple flowchart of how it all worked with the PCN values and time limits. He couldn't get it all on an A4 sheet so he has had to cut down the information he is giving you for now.

This chart shows how much you have to pay for a £110 PCN in the left hand column as time passes by and you drop slowly down the chart. He has also given you some values of other PCN for other boroughs both inside and outside London to save you doing the maths.

Mr Mustard hopes this gives you an overview of where you might be in the process. He plans to draw up another chart which concentrates on time limits and ignores bailiffs as 99% of cases don't got there. He will leave PATAS in but 97% of cases don't go there either.

Having said how complicated PCN are Mr Mustard has noticed that he hasn't said what happens if you do file a Witness statement TE9. Provided it is in time (the deadline date is on the Order for Recovery) then you will either go back to the Notice to owner stage and be sent a fresh one so that you can make representations or your file will be sent to PATAS for them to decide what to do next. It is best to avoid all the rigmarole by never missing a deadline.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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