14 January 2015

Losing your freedom (pass)

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Hi there,

Me again.

I wonder if you can tweet, and get the other bloggers to tweet, that old people’s passes and Disabled Persons Freedom Passes are about to expire at the end of March, and whilst the Council are telling old people, and sending them out renewal forms, they are not sending reminders/renewals out to the disabled.

I only realised that my daughter’s Disabled Persons Freedom Pass was due to expire when my elderly Mother in Law asked me for help with her renewal. I emailed the Council to be told that they are not reminding the Disabled. (Why are the council in existence if not to help the less advantaged in society? Mr M.) Are they hoping the disabled will not realise, saving Barnet some money, as usual to the detriment of the vulnerable, disadvantaged and disabled?

Perhaps this is Barnet’s idea of an April Fool? April 1st is when the disabled (and the bus drivers who will also get the grief) will find out they have been shafted. And of course no cash fares either now.

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  1. The FreedomPass.org website states the following:
    If your disabled persons Freedom Pass expires on 31 March 2015 you will have your eligibility checked by your local council. Your new pass will then be sent automatically before the old one expires.

    You do not need to do anything yourself.
    - See more at: http://www.freedompass.org/disabled-persons-freedom-pass/renewing-your-pass#sthash.wiKD8AS5.dpuf

  2. That is the theory but the practice is that it isn't happening. A councillor is about to start asking questions. More info next week.


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