2 January 2015

Dropped kerbs - Barnet Council policy

Hopefully that clears up dropped kerbs for you? Seems clear as mud to Mr Mustard so he suggests the following:

Outside a CPZ - only park across your own dropped kerb or that of a friend or family member with permission.

Inside a CPZ - only park across your own dropped kerb or that of a friend or family member with permission when the CPZ is not in operation.

Near a junction is likely to be for pedestrians to cross, there might be dimpled paving, so avoid those like the plague; you will get no sympathy from a PATAS adjudicator.

Sometimes traffic wardens "forget" that they are not meant to ticket for dropped kerbs outside of CPZs (and outside of CPZ hours inside CPZs) and issue a PCN. You could print out a pdf of this blog post to give to the council as justification for cancelling their own PCN issued outside of their own policy.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. We live opposite a primary school outside a CPZ. We have an unshared dropped kerb to access our driveway.
    Number of phone-calls to NSL in the past two years asking for enforcement when our drive is obstructed is between 150 and 200.
    Number of PCNs issued by NSL after those 150-200 phone-calls, zero.
    Number of times I have been late because my car is obstructed, dozens. Number of times drivers have refused to move so I can go about my business, several.
    Number of times I have been physically threatened, once.
    Following several requests from me, number of times Barnet Council/NSL have agreed to act proactively and to occasionally send an enforcement officer down at times when it's extremely likely my drive will be obstructed, zero.

  2. So what is the legal meaning of the white H marking which exceed the width of the dropped kerbs? It sometimes painted across the width of the house, leaving quite a large area outside of the dropped kerbs. Is parking within the H marking, but not obstructing dropped kerbs can be subject to PCN?

  3. The white line has no legal meaning - it is simply a hint to get you to look where you park. It would be inconsiderate to park over it but not illegal if you do not transgress the actual dropped kerb.


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