10 November 2014

Sainsbury's express ticketing

Since J Sainsbury's new small store came to Finchley Central hundreds of people have been caught out by the parking bay right in front of the store - so tempting to stop there thinking it is for shoppers? The previous signs (photo from October 13) were like this

So that limited parking at certain times (to allow for deliveries) and limited parking during the day to 1h 30m in which time you certainly could buy some shopping. The situation was further confused by a single yellow line through half of the bay. Many people got this wrong and now eventually changes have been made. This is the new sign and the yellow line is gone.

That is slightly clearer and free in the day but how many people are going to get caught after 8pm buying what will turn into a very expensive pint of milk? 

15 minutes isn't a great deal of use. All it will take is a small queue to pay and you will be over your time once you have filled a basket with groceries.

Let's see how many people get caught out under this new regime.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Well, of course it is completely barmy ! Even thick and stupid Crewe Borough Council had a minimum of 20 minutes at the back of the Nantwich Road. 30 minutes should be the figure, if you want longer, find somewhere else. That would be a reasonable compromise. I'll bet, though, that the council are impervious to reason. Maybe a challenge to a councillor to try it for him/her self and see how long it takes.


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