2 November 2014

Parking Policy - Dear Mr Millard - #2

Dear Mr Millard

Further to Barnet’s request for feedback on its proposed parking policy I invite you to consider the following suggestions:

· Issue all correctly applied for permits and blue badges within 24 hours of receipt of the application.

· Refrain from issuing PCNs for parking vouchers which do not bear the vehicle registration number but which are otherwise properly completed/scratched off.

· Issue warnings for minor contraventions as the default position and only issue PCNs where a motorist has received two warning notices within the previous 12 months.

· Insist on CEOs adhering to the same rules that motorists are required to follow – i.e. they should park any vehicle they use in the course of their duties in a safe and legal manner, clearly displaying a permit from the council making it clear that their vehicle has permission to park without payment.

· Do not issue PCN’s for infringements that occur after the event has finished for which a time-limited parking restriction has been put in place.

· Publish regular reviews of the impact of parking enforcement on those with disabilities or who are otherwise vulnerable such as the elderly.

· Make all decisions about challenges to PCNs (both at the informal challenge and formal appeal stage) by Council officers and not allow NSL to take any part in such processes other than to provide evidence (if required by a Council officer) and to dispatch the correspondence.

· Publish all TMOs online within 7 days of their approval but in any event before they come into effect.

· Issue a written apology and pay the appellant 50% of the amount of the disputed PCN when the appellant is successful at PATAS and deduct the costs of so doing from the fees of the contractor which incorrectly issued the PCN in the first place, or, if the error is related to an act or omission of the council, donate that share of the fee to a panel of local charities and charge it against the budget for official travel.

· Ensure that no bailiff used in recovery has any connection whatsoever, direct or indirect, whether by shares or contracts, with NSL or Capita or any individual who provides services to the council whether personally or through a service company or as an elected member or council officer.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide suggestions on your parking proposals.


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