13 July 2012

John Dix speaks (to your group if you wish)

John Dix (aka Mr Reasonable) is a legend. He has been studying Barnet Council's accounts for some time. He runs a small business and is very comfortable with accounts, balance sheets & £millions.

Here is a talk he gave recently:

If you would like John to give a talk at your Residents' Association he would be delighted to tell you about One Barnet and answer your questions. Email him at john@johndix.co.uk 

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. hold on: is this the same One Barnet box ... it loooked a lot blacker inside at the conference ... surely there cannot be an alternative box, can there?

    Yes, Mrs Angry, there can. Why am I talking to myself?

  2. The original box has been sold off by us consultants, who assure you that the new box will perform just as well as the old one, but have a transformationary effect on box functionality at the point of service delivery.

    Now just counter-sign my timesheet, and I'll be off.


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