18 July 2012

Guest blog by Tirza Waisel of Barnet Alliance for Public Services

Torch Parade July 2012

“One Barnet” = NONE Barnet

Anyone who was at the full council meeting last Tuesday must be wondering whether what our councillors and their leaders, Cllr Richard Cornelius and Nick Walkley CEO, really fancy, is to be the next Theresa May, being exposed for their short-sightedness and irresponsibility when the One Barnet programme of mass privatisation fails miserably like G4S just did, unable to deliver the services for which they were paid in the £billions.

As in the G4S case, it will be left to the public sector to pick up the pieces; only in our case, in the post One Barnet era there will be no public services left to save the names of the Conservative councillors and MPs, or to repair broken Barnet.

Conservative councillors arrogantly rejected the sensible call for a referendum about this radical outsourcing plan, put forward by Labour and called for and supported by Barnet Alliance for Public Services. So residents, shopkeepers and council staff will march – people from different parts of the community and all walks of life, young and old, able-bodied and disabled – to demonstrate their deep concerns about and unhappiness with the plan. Join them next Saturday, 21 July, in the Our Barnet – NOT “One Barnet” community torch relay and parade.

We will march from the closed Friern Barnet Library (start at 11), via the about-to-be-closed North Finchley library (11.30), through the hard-hit North Finchley High Road (assemble 12 noon Tally Ho Corner) and on to Victoria Park for a rally and party.

It is not too late to stop the folly of One Barnet – we must say to our councillors loudly and clearly: Keep our services public!

Tirza Waisel

Barnet Alliance for Public Services

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