11 July 2012

Costs and consequences of a One Barnet Commissioning Council

Mr Mustard has permission to reproduce this report.
Barnet Commissioning Council FINAL

If you don't have the time to read it all councillors just take a peek at page 7 "the consequences for Councillors" - you are going to be impotent once all these big One Barnet contracts are awarded and it is you who will have to take the flak for stuff that goes wrong and it will be a nightmare and expensive to fix. Have you checked how the parking contract with NSL is going? Accordingly to my lady friend Miss Feezance it is going badly, take a look here, NSL are not providing paperwork to PATAS. Perhaps you could have a look and let Mr Mustard know as that might be quicker than him waiting for an answer to his FOI request of 7 June 2012 (#1296 about NSL invoices & Key Performance Indicators for May 2012) which is now overdue.

Also take a look at page 18. Mr Mustard wrote to Cllr Dean Cohen today suggesting some simplification of the charges for parking permits and advocating the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid). Didn't I hear you talking about that recently as well Cllr Hugh Rayner, but you were too coy to use the word stupid. Well, tell Mr Mustard, does that table look simple? No. It is bonkers for a council that can't manage to even issue purchase orders properly.

Look at the Leadership Matrix on page 19. Would you follow Nick Walkley into battle? Does he inspire you? Is he a great leader?

Don't you think councillors that it is time you stopped all this One Barnet nonsense, chucked out Agilisys and started to look at the nuts and bolts yourself?; there is about £9m worth of senior management who you could put to work. The devil is always in the detail. There is so much superfluous detail at Barnet Council it is impossible to see the wood for the trees.

Are you really in charge councillors? Don't answer that last question. It is too embarrassing for you.

In APSE isn't to your liking councillors might listen to what Conservative MP Liddell Grainger has to say about outsourcing in his neck of the woods

Somerset West and Sedgemoor talking about IBM and the Strategic partnership known as Southwest One. 

“The company has recorded chronic losses in every year of trading and has failed to do what its creators promised - namely save any significant public money. Instead it squandered cash on a computer system that still isn't working properly and continues to overcharge Somerset County Council and other "partners" for so-called services.
Somerset Council has now caved in to FoI requests and published the bids:

Supplier / Bid
Total cost over 10 years
BT Standard bid
BT Variant Bid
Capita Standard Bid
Capita Variant Bid
IBM Standard Bid
IBM Variant Bid

“BT came in almost £34 million cheaper than IBM on the standard bid - and very nearly £6 million cheaper on the "variant" bid - the projected cost of the grandiose extras the customer (Alan Jones) fancied. Capita's approach was to pitch ridiculously high, like a builder who doesn't really want the work at all. But the fascinating thing about this table of statistics is the IBM tactic. There is no difference whatsoever between their standard and variant bids. In other words IBM seemed to be prepared to keep the price the same whatever nutty bolt-on extras the customer wanted. Jones had asked for an "iconic" HQ for South West One, for example, to be built in Taunton. Needless to say IBM never provided it. They were promising the moon for the same price as an ordinary product.”
You can read his full article here

If it went wrong there, why would it go right in Barnet? and what is the backup plan? Every sensible company has a disaster recovery plan. 

In Barnet we are walking the high wire without a safety net.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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