25 July 2012

Are these the next 900 jobs to leave Barnet?

From: onebarnet
Sent: 09 July 2012 11:57
To: Cox, Brin (External); any information about Brin would be greatly appreciated. What is his he doing, how long has he been doing it, why is he on this email etc (FOI being submitted)
Subject: NSCSO message - Monday 9 July 2012

Dear colleague
You will have seen the message from Craig with the new NSCSO timetable (intranet so only council employees can use the link) which I hope you found useful. We have worked up a realistic plan which extends the time for a thorough evaluation and mobilisation period.
We will talk to you in more detail in the autumn about what happens during the mobilisation period, once we have selected the preferred bidder, because mobilisation is part of the bidders' final detailed solution. (Think that should be bidder's as there will only be the winning bidder by the time of mobilisation, if there will be multiple bidders then solution should have been in the plural) CRC will make the decision of the preferred bidder at a special meeting during the week beginning 3 December 2012, and the papers for this meeting will be published the week beginning 26 November. The week papers are published, the project team will run staff briefings to inform you of the preferred bidder recommendation, the evaluation process, and what we expect the mobilisation and transition period to contain.
In our dialogue streams, service leads are reaching the end of the due diligence process and feeding back on bidder proposals in order to help them build their commitments into a firm offer. The core dialogue team has been reviewing commercial and financial components of the offer, shaping the mechanisms that will deliver high quality services throughout the period of the partnership and protect the council's share of savings and income generated by the services
We have also run a series of surgeries over the past week to allow you to meet with project team members and your own staff group member, and ask any questions about how the move to the new provider will affect you.
HR Data Cleanse
As part of the One Barnet Programme a number of staff will transfer to a new employer under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, including staff in-scope for NSCSO. Where will this new employer decide to locate the staff? That is a question to which we do not know the answer. The one thing we do know is that it is anywhere in the world, it doesn't even have to be a country where English is the first language..
We want to make sure that you have confidence in the data that is transferred to your new employer as an accurate record of your employment to date. The only personal data that will be transferred to the new provider is some of the information currently held on SAP and hard copy files will be archived and not transferred. We have no confidence in the data. You remember what happened on parking, it was a right mix up with NSL & RR Donnelley getting the wrong data and colleagues finding out that Ethel was 55 when she had told them all she was 49 (oh dear).
Staff will be given the opportunity to check the data fields which will be provided, as part of the TUPE transfer, to the new employer. If any information is thought to be inaccurate you will have the opportunity to challenge this data with your line manager and may need to provide evidence where necessary in order that the information can be corrected. Typical management behaviour. We get the data wrong and you have to prove the correction. We don't have to prove we erred. Mr Mustard often fills his year of birth in as 1901 on websites and no-one rumbles him (must be the grey hair)
This process will also give you the opportunity to give your permission for the optional data fields to be transferred to the new employer, for example bulk transfer of bank details and workplace adjustment comments. If it is optional, decide what you want to do.
Over the next few months all in-scope staff for the NSCSO and DRS will have the opportunity to cleanse their data. As we have to manage this process for around 900 staff we will contact you team by team to let you know when you need to review your data. Managers will be offered workshops which will explain in detail how the process will run. You will be contacted over the next few months and asked to update your SAP self-service, but it would be helpful if you could start this process now.
If you have any questions about NSCSO or topics you would like to be covered in these messages, please get in touch via onebarnet@barnet.gov.uk or by speaking to your staff group representative.
As usual, the upcoming staff workshops are listed below. Not done.
Best regards,
Kari Manovitch
Project Director, New Support and Customer Service Organisation project, Commercial Services
London Borough of Barnet, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP
Tel: 020 8359 7628
Mobile: 07940 913251
So now we know we have 900 jobs in scope for transfer to a new employer. BT, EC Harris or Capita. Do any of these employers have big outsourcing offices in the borough of Barnet? Not as far as Mr Mustard is aware. Where will the jobs go to? Probably all over the place. What the new provider will do is to look at every role and decide which of their many offices is the best one to send the work to. It won't all have to stay together. So if there is an office in, say Blackburn, with capacity some of the work could go there. How many staff will want to transfer to Blackburn, probably not many although there is nothing wrong with Blackburn. Other jobs might go to Glasgow (Mr Mustard would like to visit Glasgow but isn't sure he would want to move his life there). What about Brighton, all those students, a lovely cosmopolitan town but terrible parking problems. Bognor? (not dead yet) Bangalore? a chance to learn a new language and have proper curries, and the same goes for Birmingham ( the Balti restaurants in Sparkbrook are fab)

The thing is that no-one, not the consultants, not local ward councillors, not Nick Walkley, not even the cabinet, know where the jobs will go to. Do any of them even care?

Have they thought about the effect on the borough of such a large employer leaving? It is utter madness to let one of the largest employers in the borough export its employees. Other boroughs must be laughing at the stupidity of Barnet council and thinking of the extra spending they are going to get from working age people who will be a low drain on other resources.

We are truly being led by fools.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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