6 November 2015

In Westminster £120 + £60 = £240

So Westminster Council were not happy with waking up a PCN they had left to fester for 3 years, they wanted a bit extra on the £180 that wasn't even due (see earlier blog post) and which should have been written off in 2011 and have manged to increase the "Amount now due:" to £240. This Charge Certificate was issued a mere 10 days after Mr Mustard pointed out, in one of his numerous emails, that Westminster should have followed the guidance of London Councils to which they had, in common with all boroughs in London, signed up and cancelled the PCN as soon as 6 months of inactivity had taken place.

This is what PATAS adjudicators think of defective charge certificates (and this is the second one which certainly isn't allowed) in the following case, which was Westminster at their worst, a Charge Certificate that was early, not one that was 4 years late, but the same principle applies, this sort of procedural failure is unacceptable:

Mr Mustard will rake out some other old PCN shortly. Will they be from Westminster? We'll see.

Hopefully someone is challenging the Accounts of Westminster, or taking them to task at Audit Committee, as clearly something is rotten in their Accounts because there is the danger that someone less robust than Mr Mustard might pay one of these illegal demands.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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