8 November 2015

Parking team bringing home the bacon in Brent

Bacon Lane, NW9

What a lovely green road (in part of the jewel of Brent, Roe Green Village) and cleverly designed such that the tree roots are less likely to cause damage to foundations. However, one by-product of this arrangement is that you cannot park on either side of the road. For the last 25 years local residents have parked as you see them here, down the middle without receiving PCNs and it looks to be entirely sensible. However, a traffic warden has recently decided to issue a PCN for the contravention of being more than 50cm from the edge of the carriageway and not in a marked bay. That contravention was brought in to prevent double parking which isn't, as you can see, the problem here but the contravention has undoubtedly occurred. The informal challenge has been rejected.

The council could paint bays in the middle of the road to legitimise the current parking system. Mr Mustard has suggested his client approach their local councillor to see what can be done whilst he contests their PCN on the grounds of reasonable expectation that they would not be ticketed.

If you know anything about PCN issue at this location do please email Mr Mustard.

There is always a new challenge in the world of PCNs.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

An update from the parking manager, prompted by a councillor. Both seem to be responsive and sensible.

The Council is aware of the issues surrounding parking on Bacon Lane. We recognise that Bacon Lane is an unusual location, in that there are trees situated in the middle of the carriageway. There is therefore the potential for traffic to be obstructed if cars were to park next to the kerb in the normal manner.

Nevertheless there is no formal exemption in place allowing vehicles to park in the middle of the road and no road markings to suggest that they are permitted to do so. Because of this, Bacon Lane is currently being reviewed by my colleagues in the Transportation team with the aim of formalising the parking arrangements for the benefit of residents and other motorists. We have temporarily suspended enforcement action in Bacon Lane against vehicles parked in the middle of the road while this review is undertaken.

Residents who have received PCNs for being parked in the middle of the road are urged to challenge their PCN in line with the statutory process. However, I can confirm that the Notice Processing Team are aware of the current situation and therefore can make an informed decision on any challenges or representations received in relation to Bacon Lane. (Hint, we will probably cancel?)

Once the review process is complete, residents will be advised of the outcome of the review, to avoid any confusion in future. (Excellent, communicating as they should)

I trust that this information has answered your query, but if you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  1. They really are grotesquely venal and rapacious, aren't they ?

    1. Ridiculous. Breaking systems that aren't broken!


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