12 November 2015

Barnet Highways fork the signs up

Hot on the heels of Mr Mustard spotting an impossible combination of signs in Harrow, he noticed quite a few closer to home that are wrong. There are two at the junction of St Albans Rd and the High St, one outside Barnet College near Barnet Church and one in Station Rd near the Everyman Cinema (was the Odeon). There will be others at other points where a car can quite correctly pass either side of a traffic island, like this one

The left fork takes you towards St Albans and the right towards Potters Bar and although you can pass either side of the double arrowed sign it is not the correct sign as this sign indicates two choices which allow you to reach the same destination (they are usually used to indicate that in a multi lane carriageway with pedestrian refuges, that you truly can pass either side.

Mr Mustard presumes that these shiny new signs (you have seen them appearing like mushrooms all over the borough? - Mr Mustard quite likes them and they have the advantage of not needing an electricity supply so are replaced more quickly and easily after an accident) have been installed by the stupidly named Re (Regional Enterprise) Ltd, the joint venture between the council and Capita in which the council have gifted Capita a 51% majority shareholding despite its opening business all being sourced from Barnet Council to start with. Maybe they could appoint a Highways Engineer who knows their traffic signs and replace all of the misleadingly incorrect ones free of charge.

By the way Re:, the correct sign would be one which is plain.

If only Barnet Council didn't keep outsourcing services to companies that don't know what they are doing.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. The council can't even tell their elbow from their [place an acceptable euphemism for a*se here]. What do you expect? BTW, how do you find your information, Mr Mustard? Are you a detective, an investigative reporter or simply a concerned citizen with lots of experience in doing research and digging around where people don't want you to dig around? I must say your posts are rather impressive. Whatever it is, keep up the good work. :)

    1. The acceptable euphemism for the word which completes your phrase is 'Brian Coleman'. Alternatively, you could simply say that the Council don't know their Arsenal from their Elba Place.

  2. Thank you Michael.

    I just notice things.


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