27 March 2014

NSL advertising for free to Barnet Council PCN victims

The above is the footer that NSL are putting on emails about parking tickets.

Now Mr Mustard thought that the idea was that NSL are acting as the council's agent and that the footer, as well as the email, should appear to be from the council (as they used to). It would be OK for a little footer to say that the email has been sent by NSL Ltd as a contractor to Barnet Council so that the situation is transparent but to use up to 165,000 PCN victims a year as potential customers to be advertised to is just not on and certainly is not expressly allowed for in the parking enforcement contract.

Doubtless the foot will be toned down now that Mr Mustard has raised the matter but shouldn't someone in the commissioning team (that we pay a fortune for) have already noticed it and tugged on NSL's chain?

The monitoring of One Barnet contracts is far from satisfactory. This advertising has a value otherwise NSL wouldn't do it, and they are doing it for free.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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