19 March 2014

Barnet appeals to PATAS at 7% level again

PATAS Barnet Londonwide

Appeals Appeals %
Mon 10 March 22 274 8
Tues 21 337 6
Weds 10 310 3
Thurs 20 244 8
Fri 22 262 8
Sat - -
Total 95 1,427 7

PCN issued Barnet London %
Year to March 13 165,569 4,283,964 4

This is the fourth week in which Mr Mustard has checked the level of appeals to PATAS and the fourth time when they have made up a disproportionately high part of the mix across London with a 7% share.

What this shows is a systemic failure somewhere in the process of issuing PCN rather than a one-off surge in Appeals.

It must be an exciting time to be the person at NSL who prepares the Evidence Packs for PATAS. They probably don't know whether they are coming or going they have so many to do. Mr Mustard thinks that to do them properly takes 2 or 3 hours, so let us say that 3 can be done by one person each day. To handle 95 in 5 days, that is 19 a day or the work of 6 people. No wonder so many are not being contested by the council once you file an Appeal at PATAS.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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