20 March 2014

Issue forth to a Residents' Forum - Wednesday 26 March 14

Mr Mustard takes issue with use of the vague word "issue" that you are meant to submit by Monday morning at 10am. He thinks you should probably be submitting questions, comments or complaints (and suggests that asking questions is the best way of eliciting information) rather than submitting an issue which, in his dictionary, is:

- a point in question
- an important subject of debate or litigation
- a result
- an outcome
- a decision

and then Mr Mustard thought he would check the Constitution. As seems to often be the case the council website wasn't working properly so he went back to his paper copy from April 13 (which might be out of date) and it says that residents can raise "local matters" which leads to comments made at the meeting and then the decision maker has to respond within 20 days so you aren't going to submit an issue at all, but a matter, but no matter!

If you get the thirst for more knowledge you could also start attending Council meetings and you will find the calendar here and/or meet one of your local ward councillors whose details you will find here.

Given the upcoming elections on 22 May they will be falling over themselves to help you and will be delighted to hear from you.

If you seriously want accurate information then you can also send in a Freedom of information request, using this link.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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