14 October 2013

Voucher - What voucher?

Sometimes there is a policeman around when you want one (well, a retired one anyway). The following are the notes of the adjudicator from PATAS where you get an independent review of your parking ticket unbiased by the effect on their wallet (unlike Barnet Council who hope you will pay them some money if they decline your appeal):

The appellant Mrs V attended the personal hearing for today. Mr P who is a witness in this case also attended the hearing.Mrs V denied the contravention.

She stated that she was visiting a friend and knew she was going to be parked during the hours of restriction and therefore obtained a visitors permit from her friend and displayed it on the drivers side of the vehicle.

Mr P who is a retired police officer confirmed that he did not know Mrs V prior to this incident but saw her looking quite anxious on seeing the penalty charge notice as her vehicle was parked outside his house.

In addition to being a retired police officer Mr P also assists with the neighbourhood watch and did not recognise Mrs V's vehicle so actually checked it and noticed a visitors permit prior to the PCN being issued and which he thought was very considerate as normally people usually park their vehicles and then remove them before the restrictions take effect or take a chance, in which case and particularly as a local resident he believes that they deserve to receive a penalty charge notice.

There is a direct conflict of evidence in this case. However I found both Mrs V as well as Mr P to be very convincing and credible witnesses and am not satisfied that the contravention did occur.

I therefore allow this appeal.

It looks like the traffic warden failed to see the visitor voucher. One would think that would be impossible if all windows are checked as they are meant to be.

There is at least one resident who photographs their car every time they park so as to have evidence that all is as it should be.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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