2 October 2013

Trying to "cash in" on parking

On a Monday evening Mr Mustard has an open invitiation for a free dinner and unsurprisingly tries to take advantage of it. He also has the pleasure of watching University Challenge as his is a household without TV. Conversation and wine also flow.

Some Monday evenings he has competing entertainments to prioritise. Next Monday, 7 October, is such an evening as there is a meeting of the Business Management Overview & Scrutiny Committee (yes, it is too exciting for words). There are two interesting items on the agenda. The first is this one put forward by Cllr Alan Schneiderman and it will be interesting if the council's overly radical "no on-street cash payments for parking" policy will get tested.

The second notable item is about the Saracens Event day CPZ zone. There is one minor tinker in a road but apparently it is otherwise fine. Well we wouldn't want the income stream, from 403 PCN per event day, to reduce now would we?

So Mr Mustard will see you in Hendon Town Hall on Monday at 7pm.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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