13 October 2013

Be a blogger's assistant

Bloggers lead busy lives. They have a huge capacity for work and would like to read all 2,084 pages of the Capita contract for NSCSO but, recognising that another contract is to follow shortly for the DRS joint venture contract, they think it best to spread the load, which is where you come in.

Here are the sections of the contract (items in blue underlining are the links to the documents:

List of Documents Relating NSCSO Contract
1 NSCSO Contract
2.1 Corporate Programmes
2.2 Customer Services
2.3 Estates
2.4 Finance
2.5 Human Resources
2.6 Information Systems
2.7 Procurement (Mr Mustard will read this section)
2.8 Revenues and Benefit
3.1 Corporate Programmes Method Statement
3.2 Customer Services Method Statement
3.3 Estates Method Statement
3.4 Finance Method Statement
3.5 Human Resources Method Statement
3.6 Information Systems Method Statement
3.7 Procurement Method Statement (Mr Mustard will read this section)
3.8 Revenues and Benefit Method Statement
3.9 Enterprise Wide Insight Method Statement
3.10 Schools Method Statement
3.11 Traded Services to Schools
3.12 Transformation Method Statement
3.13 Detailed Transformation Plan
3.14 Transition Method Statement
3.15 Transition Plan
4.1 Payment Mechanism
4.2 Payment Mechanism Appendices
5.1 Service Provider Schedule of Commitments

Decide what you fancy reading and send Mr Mustard an email so that he knows who is reading what. Give yourself a code name (as silly as you like) and your name will be appended to the relevant item(s) above so others know what has already been bagged. Then read the items at your leisure, there really isn't a rush as we are in theory stuck with this arrangement for 10 years, although judging by this blog post by Mrs Angry, realisation has dawned that Barnet isn't just any council and has more involved, incisive and knowledgeable residents than most of the country. An opportunity for an early exit will begin to look attractive after several more encounters with the public. 

Once you have read the chosen item please send an email to Mr Mustard who will forward it to the other bloggers. Tell us what you have found that you don't like or is of public interest or against the interests of residents. It might end up in a question at a council committee meeting, in a blog or saved up for future use.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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