15 December 2012

Will the Library still be occupied this time next week?

Mr Mustard does hope so. Be at Court for 9.30am Monday 17 December 2012.

Community support for Friern Barnet Library

Dear friend
Ahead of the court hearing on 17th December 2012, at which Barnet Council will apply for a possession order to end the occupation at Friern Barnet Library, we have collected signatures - campaign, organisation and individual - to the statement below.
We are issuing this so that Barnet Council can be made aware of just some of the people and groups that oppose their action, and in order to give a boost to the campaign to save Friern Barnet Library, which will continue regardless of the outcome of the hearing. 

Best wishes
Vicki Morris
Publicity officer, Barnet Alliance for Public Services


Library campaign groups, the Occupy activists and the local community share a common aim: that Friern Barnet Library should be re-opened in the existing building by Barnet Council and preserved as a library and community space with the involvement of local people.

The occupation of the Library is a direct action that has highlighted the massive community support for Friern Barnet Library, and challenged not only its closure but the One Barnet programme and the privatisation of our public services in general.
Save Friern Barnet Library group
Peter Storey, Secretary, and John Parker, Chairman, on behalf of Friern Village Residents’ Association
Don Berry, President, on behalf of Totteridge Horticultural Society; Chairman, on behalf of Totteridge Garden Club
Margaret Berry, Vice-President, Totteridge Horticultural Society
Barnet Alliance for Public Services
Barbara Jacobson
Bob Jacobson
Geraldine Cook, publisher and founding member, Brent Libraries Campaign
Derek Dishman, Barnet resident and blogger (http://lbbspending.blogspot.co.uk/)
Vicki Morris, Barnet resident and blogger (http://citizenbarnet.blogspot.co.uk/)
Theresa Musgrove, Barnet resident and blogger (http://wwwbrokenbarnet.blogspot.co.uk/)
Paul Coles, Barnet Libraries user
Rosie Canning
Alfred Rurangirwa
Pui Yee Yu
Peter Ridpath
Peter Thompson
Yvonne Ruge
Linda Carey
Lindsay Bamfield
A M Poppy
Stephen Brice
Lianne Kolirin
Gwen Newstead
Lynn Bresler
Paul Merchant
Janet Bagley
Liz Segal
Keith Martin
Georgiana Tudor
Martin Russo

Court hearing

Monday 17 December
Barnet Civil and Family Courts Centre
St Marys Court
Regents Park Road
Finchley Central
London N3 1BQ

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