3 December 2012

An easy question - but no answer


When Mr Mustard thought about the One Barnet Question Time evening he suddenly thought of another question. Rather than ignore it, he sent it off to Richard Cornelius as it would only be a moment's work for Richard, and it's not as if he is busy reading the 8,000 pages contract.

11 November 2012

Dear Cllr Cornelius

It came to me today that I should have asked you this:

"How confident are you as a mark out of 10 that One Barnet will deliver the projected £111m savings?"

so now I am doing so.

Best regards

Mr Mustard

So here we are on the 3 December and Richard hasn't replied. Apart from not being polite, which is unlike him, the answer would have been illuminating.

Perhaps Richard doesn't want to look stupid later so he can't go with a 10.

If he only thinks 7 or less, why would he sign?

Is an 8 or a 9 acceptable when so much money is at stake?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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