7 December 2012

Brass Neck of the Year Award


From: First Team
Sent: 07 December 2012 16:27
To: AllStaff
Subject: Weekly message from the Chief Executive

Obviously the most striking event of the week was Cabinet last night, approving Capita as preferred supplier for the NSCSO contract. Can I again remind those people who will be affected by the switch of some services to Capita to look here (probably a link on the intranet to Change and Me and other alleged sources of support) for the range of support services being offered by the council.

You may be aware that protestors prevented the entire meeting going forward in Committee Room 1 as planned, and that part of it took place in an adjoining room with councillors, staff and the local newspapers present (possibly illegally but that one will be left to the lawyers to discuss. Aren't bloggers press these days. Mr Mustard will be checking the latest legislation and writing to uncle Eric Pickles over the weekend). It is disappointing that what I thought was a good discussion took place without critics present. Good discussion. Oh, you mean the alternative Cabinet that met after you had all scurried into hiding. Not the listed question and answer session which was the question and no answer session.

There is always a debate about what constitutes frontline service (no there isn't, you know when you are in the front line), but I think we can safely say the staff from Corporate Governance, who did a brilliant job in making sure the meeting continued, would have felt they were a frontline service yesterday. Given the actions of critics, the Cabinet meeting was very effectively run (like clockwork, no-one fluffed their pre-scripted lines), and the democratic process protected (One Barnet is so democratic that residents were unable to ask anything about it and sod all information of any substance has been presented to them).

The decision now potentially goes to a further scrutiny meeting next week before we enter an ‘Alcatel’ (or standstill) period until the new year. There is little doubt that the decision will be called in if it hasn't been put on hold thanks to the Judicial reviews that are piling up..

Returning to business as usual, I would like to draw your attention to two other council initiatives. For the second year running, we are asking staff and residents to ‘donate a gift’ for one of our many young carers who do such a remarkable job throughout the year. Click here for more information on the process and how to sign up. Are these the same staff whose jobs you are so happy to sell to the highest bidder who are expected to feel charitable towards such an appalling employer? You have the money to buy the entire set of gifts yourself Andrew; now that would show leadership and compassion.

We are also now just a week from the deadline for nominations for the People Values Awards 2013. If you know a colleague who lives and breathes the council’s values and deserves recognition, click here to download a nomination form and send it to peoplevalues@barnet.gov.uk Will the PVA pay the mortgage or buy food for the family?

Mr Mustard also awards the "skin like a rhino" cup at the same time. 
The cabinet and the senior management simply don't get their role as a large local employer nor do they understand how they should act towards the people who work for them.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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